Valentine’s Day often makes us think of the gifts that come along with it: chocolate, flowers, jewelry, stuffed animals, and special meals. It’s enjoyable for us to give gifts to those we love and show them that they are important to us. Keegan Auto in North Hampton, NH, urges you to think of something else in your gift-giving this month that often gets overlooked… your car!

Though car maintenance tends to fall by the wayside for many people, it’s incredibly vital that we give our vehicles the care and concern that they require. When we invest in preventative maintenance, our cars will be all the better for it! Because Keegan Auto knows how important it is to invest in the well-being of our vehicles, we’ve gathered some helpful advice to enable you to do so.

Get Oil Changes 

Have you ever wondered what happens when you don’t get oil changes? Let us tell you; it’s not pretty. The oil picks up dirt and debris, which can begin to wear down engine parts even while it is still lubricating. The oil then loses its ability to draw heat away from the engine, and this will cause warped parts, which often are undetectable until it’s too late. Eventually, there will be so much dirt that your oil will turn to sludge, and the engine will reach a point of failure. Avoid the expense of replacing your engine by changing your oil! If you aren’t sure when to schedule your next oil change, contact Keegan Auto, and we can help you figure out the interval that’s right for your car.

Don’t Forget Alignments & Tire Balances

It’s easy to get new tires and then put them out of our minds after that. But we need to be vigilant about caring for this significant investment! Tire balances and alignments ensure that our tires wear evenly, which in turn helps them last longer. Don’t forget to check your tire pressure monthly as well!

Replace Worn Brake Pads

When your brakes are worn down, it can become a safety hazard on the road. Make sure that a professional technician is checking your brake pads when you go into a shop for your service appointments. 

Show your car you care this month by giving it the gift of maintenance. It’s a present that you both can enjoy when your vehicle lasts longer over time! Call Keegan Auto at (603) 836-8464 to give your car its Valentine’s gift this month.