If you own a Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Chevy, Ford, or another make or model of vehicle, you can come to us for all your routine service needs or for repairs and diagnostics. Our ASE-Certified technicians will help you to resolve problems or care for your car. If needed, we can provide you with a loaner car or give you a ride back to work while we take care of your car.

We offer same-day services and we make sure that you always get quality work done on your vehicle when you use our services. We take care of customers in the North Hampton, Hampton, Rye Beach, Greenland, Exeter, Portsmouth, or New Castle areas and you can count on us for all of your car care needs. We know that you are busy and we make sure to get your car back into tip-top shape efficiently and with an eye to detail. There is no job too big or too small for our shop and we will make sure that your car has never run better!

Warning Lights

We know that warning lights on your dash can fill you with a sense of dread. Even a basic service that is causing these lights to go off can cause stress and worry. We are happy to take care of the work that needs to be done to clear warning lights on your dash or to diagnose the reasons for the various lights that might have appeared. We are able to read the codes for your car’s make and model and provide the fix that will clear the codes and make sure your car is running great.

Warning lights should not be ignored and we will take the time to figure out what is needed to repair your car right away. We offer financing for large jobs and we can help you to figure out what makes the most sense for your car repair needs. We also offer annual and regular maintenance services like oil changes and fluid changes that can eliminate these warning lights.

We can take care of your brakes, provide alignment services and take care of diagnostics for other problems that might pop up. We know that you are busy and have other things to do, so we will take care of your car while you are at work or busy with other things on your to-do list. We treat our customers like family and make sure that you never slip between the cracks.

Call us Today!

If you need help to resolve a warning light that has shown up on your dash or you are looking to get on our schedule for routine maintenance, give us a call! We can get you in and make sure that your car has everything that it needs to run great and be reliable each day. Contact us today at (603) 964-3005 to book your appointment!