Now that winter is winding down, it is important to make sure your vehicle is in good working condition. Winter brings with it a slew of challenges such as harsh weather, ice, snow, and salt. There are other issues winter can cause as well, and it is important to check all of them as we go into spring.

Here at Keegan Auto, we are here to ensure that the citizens of North Hampton, New Hampshire are able to get back on the road quickly and easily. Our trusted auto repair mechanics are here to help you with all of your spring car maintenance needs.

6 Spring Car Care Tips

1. Wash and Wax Your Vehicle

During the winter, our vehicles get a lot of abuse. While ice and snow aren’t dirty when they fall, they mix with oil and dirt on the roads, coating your car in a corrosive slurry, which is bad for the paint job. Now that winter is over, it is important to give your vehicle a thorough cleaning and waxing so it can look shiny and new while going into the spring.

2. Clean The Cabin

The outside of your vehicle isn’t all that needs cleaning. Winter weather often brings out the hibernating bear in all of us, and we tend to leave things a bit messier than we often would. Spring brings growth and rebirth and plenty of critters ready to infiltrate your vehicle looking for their next snack. Keep them at bay by giving your vehicle’s cabin a thorough cleaning.

3. Check Your Tire Pressure

During the winter, cold temperatures make your tires lose pressure. This means you probably had to fill your tires more in order to maintain tire pressure. Hot weather brings the opposite problem. Hot air rapidly expands, thereby overfilling your tires. In order to circumvent a costly and dangerous blow-out, it is important to check your tire pressure once warm weather hits and let out some air if you need to.

4. Replace Your Wiper Blades

Your windshield wipers had to do some heavy lifting in the winter, and spring showers bring a lot more rain. It is important for your safety to maintain visibility at all times, so be sure to replace your wipers and top off your windshield wiper fluid.

5. Check Under The Hood

Doing a thorough check under the hood can help you identify if any problems arose during the winter months. The cold weather can make belts and hoses more brittle and cause cracks, which can cause more expensive damage if left unattended.

6. Get Alignment and Suspension Checked

The harsh conditions in the winter can often lead to even harsher driving conditions such as potholes and debris. These issues can often do a number on your alignment and suspension. 

The mechanics at Keegan Auto can ensure that your alignment and suspension are ready to go for the spring and summer months. We can also assist you with fluid top-offs and replace your windshield wiper blades. If you would like to make an appointment, call (603) 836-8464 today.