Christmas is just a couple weeks away, so undoubtedly you’ve begun putting up your tree, decorating the house, and started organizing and wrapping presents. (Or if you like to procrastinate a little, maybe you haven’t!) But here’s something you shouldn’t delay: getting your car ready for any holiday travel that is ahead! Keegan Auto in North Hampton, NH, knows the importance of timely vehicle maintenance. As easy as it might be now to put maintenance off, traveling can be much more difficult later when you have a broken down car on your hands! To avoid future frustration, here are a few things to check on your vehicle now before any Christmas road trips. 

Tire Pressure

It’s always a good idea to be checking your tire pressure regularly, but it’s especially important to check your tire pressure before a long trip. Low tire pressure can make for unsafe driving conditions, and you are at much higher risk for a blowout while driving. You especially want to avoid this when you are on the road far from home! To prevent a tire emergency, fill your tires to the psi recommended in your owner’s manual. While you are filling your tires, take a look at your tire treads as well. You might consider getting new tires before your trip if they are especially worn. If the tread is worn unevenly, you might need a tire balance. If you are in the North Hampton area and need tire service, Keegan Auto can help you! 

Battery Level

It can be difficult to tell sometimes when your battery is on its way to dying. Often your battery will display no symptoms at all before going out. If you are asking yourself, “Should I replace my battery soon?” it’d be a good idea to have your battery checked before you go. The ASE certified technicians at Keegan Auto can help you decide if you are in need of a battery replacement before your long-distance drive. 

Fluid Levels

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll want to check the levels of all of your car’s fluids before embarking on your holiday trip. You’ll want to look at your car’s brake fluid, antifreeze, transmission fluid, oil, power steering fluid, and windshield wiper fluid. These fluids all play integral parts in the functions of your vehicle!

Preparation is critical when it comes to taking holiday road trips! Don’t put it off, or else you may end up with unexpected problems down the line! If you need tire service, battery testing, oil changes, brake service, or any maintenance or repairs, and you are in the North Hampton, NH, area, Keegan Auto has got you covered! Call us at (603) 836-8464 to set up an appointment, or drop by the shop!