The holidays are fast arriving in New Hampshire. And if we know anything about the weather in New England this time of year, it’s going to get cold. That’s why Keegan Auto, your auto repair service in North Hampton, NH has these three tips that you’ll want to follow when you get your car ready for holiday travel.

The last thing you want to do is be stranded on the side of the road when the winds are whipping and the snow is flying all over the place. Simply put, winter is the worst time of the year to break down on the side of the road. But Keegan Auto is ready to serve you whenever you need a routine inspection or an emergency repair.

Here are the following tips that you need to know when getting your vehicle ready for the holidays:

1. Get it inspected annually

Your vehicle should be inspected annually. But if you have some concerns about your vehicle as the holidays fast approach, you are welcome to come into Keegan Auto and make sure that everything is OK. Our ASE-certified mechanics near Portsmouth, NH will check your vehicle from top to bottom and will fix any issues that they spot.

Our 5 year, 50,000 mile nationwide warranty is the best in the Granite State. That’s because our mechanics install high-quality parts. Your vehicle will be up and running in no time.

And guess what? Those parts and replacements will be done in the same day. Meanwhile. You can use one of our pre-inspected loaner cards with qualifying repairs.

If you need a ride from the shop to work or home, we’ve got you covered. We take great care of our customers all year long. Especially during the holidays.

2. Do a self-inspection (if necessary)

Before you even schedule an inspection yourself, perhaps you should perform a basic inspection yourself. In other words, check to see if the heater is running good. Make sure that the tires are maintaining their PSI.

Some of these inspections takes seconds. If you notice any issues like no warm air or if you are visiting the air pump more often than ever, then it might be time to make some repair. Don’t put it off until it’s too late.

3. Make sure that your vehicle is safe to drive

Lights? Check. Seat belts? Check.

It’s always a good idea to make sure that all of your most important parts are in working order. Your lights need to work both in the front and the back (including your blinkers). Also, your brakes are a must.

Accidents happen during the holidays. And the number of them is much higher than almost any other day. If your lights are working, your seat belts are properly secured, your brakes aren’t making too much noise then you should be good to go.

Get Your Vehicle Ready For The Holidays Now

No time is better than now to get your vehicle ready for the holidays. That’s why Keegan Auto is happy to help. Our locally owned and operated shop will provide you with top quality service.

If money is tight around the holidays, no problem. We have financing options ready and available when needed. Don’t wait, set an appointment with us now.

Call us at 603-836-8464 or visit our shop at 180 Lafayette Rd., North Hampton, NH 03862.